ScatMat® Pet Proofing Mats, Assorted

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PetSafe ScatMat® Pet Proofing Mats


Help your dog or cat learn good house manners. The ScatMat automatic indoor pet training mat keeps pets off furniture and counters and away from off-limit areas and rooms. Simply place the ScatMat in any area you want your pet to avoid and switch it on. When your pet touches the mat, he'll feel a mild, harmless 3-second static pulse from the mat. Pets soon learn which areas to keep away from. The mat's handy indicator light even tells you how many times your pet has touched the mat. When you turn on the mat, the light blinks once for each time your pet tried to cross the mat. With 3 intensity levels for stubborn or timid pets, ScatMat is perfect for any size dog or cat.


  • For dogs and cats of any size
  • 3 adjustable levels of static correction
  • Add extension mats to increase the protected area
  • For indoor use only
  • Mat uses 9-Volt battery (not included)
  • Optional ScatMat Power Adaptor (not included) uses AC power instead of 9-Volt batteries
  • Up to 6 months or 10,000 activations


ScatMat Manual


Size Dimensions Sample Pet-Free Zones
Sofa 60" x 12" Couches, large furniture, car hoods
Curved 50" x 12" Corners, stairs, trashcans, Christmas trees
Large 48" x 20" Furniture, doorways, closets
Medium 30" x 16" Small areas, corners, furniture
Strip 46" x 3" Counters, ledges, windowsills